Why you should be 'Double Cleansing' your skin.

Why should I Double Cleanse?

For healthy skin of course! I hear you asking "Do I really have to double cleanse? Like really?" And the simple answer is, if you love wearing makeup, SPF, primers etc, then ABSOLUTELY YES YOU DO! But you may not need to do it every day... read on for better explanation

What is Double Cleansing

Double cleansing is exactly what it sounds like: You wash your face twice. First to remove products from the skin like makeup, sunscreen, primer and spent oils and then once again to clean out your pores. It’s super effective to ensure not a trace of anything that SHOULDN'T be left on your face overnight is left behind. 

How it works

Our Revitalising Fresh Cleanser the ideal product is to kick off your nightly routine of double cleansing. Packed full of oils that cling to any excess oils (oil attracts oil and cleans without stripping the skin), a delicious citrus blend to draw out impurities, and a coconut surfactant to dissolve heavy-duty makeup with ease.

Once your first cleanse is done, rinse the skin and repeat. the second cleanse thoroughly cleanses your pores and prevents any residue from hanging around and causing congestion/breakouts.

When to double cleanse, and when not
 to do it

If you are someone who wears makeup, sunscreen (any we all should) or any skin perfecter like primers, then double cleansing in the evening is a MUST!

You can give it a miss in the morning, as your deep clean at night should be enough to ensure your face is still clean. In the AM, your face just needs one gentle cleanse to prepare your skin for our awesome daytime products like our Anti-ageing Brightening Serum and Perfect Balance Moisturiser.

So let's recap

So why should be be double cleansing at night? 

Because it’s a the best way to ensure your skin is squeaky clean and stop build up (of dirt, pollution, makeup, etc) from causing dullness, breakouts, and enlarged pores. 

Also, your skin will be ready with open arms to receive all the goodness you are about to slather on to keep that Mumma Glow going!

Our super effective yet non-stripping Revitalising Fresh cleanser is suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive and dry skin. It is particularly excellent for the oily because they remove excess oil and debris on the skin which can lead to nasty breakouts.

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